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My Gear List | BohlNaturescapes

My Gear List

My main camera.  Great for photographs and video.
My favorite wildlife lens.  The 150mm works well fro closer subjects and the 600mm is very clear and crisp for far away subjects.

Great macro lens that has great autofocus, quick manual focus mode and gets very crisp images.
Good all around lens for closer subjects and low light situations.
Gives a little more cropped view than the 35mm and also works well in low light situations.
Great wide angle lens for landscapes and night photography.
Fantastic gimbal mount. Handles the 600mm very well and holds the camera in place. A light touch is all that is needed to pan the lens. Is heavy for long hikes.

My model is no longer available but is my favorite tripod.  Carbon fiber makes it lighter.  Very tall so I don’t have to hunch over. Extremely stable and compliments the promoter very well.

This was a hand me down bag from a friend.  Holds all my cameras and equipment and protects them very well.  I like the tripod and waist straps which make it great for hiking. Adjustable inserts and padding are very versatile.

This battery works in the D750, D7000 and V1.  Lasts a long time.  I always have a few on hand.
GPS device for adding position data into images.  Very helpful for synching time and position data and helps with organizing photos.

IR Shutter release. Works well to avoid camera shake on long exposure or low light shoots.

I have the original strap and the link is for the 10th anniversary addition.  Great for making sure I don’t drop the camera.

Video and Backup Camera

Great all around camera for crisp clear and colorful photos.  I use this as a video camera now and as my backup in case I have any issues with my D750.  

Great all around lens that covers wide angle to telephoto and remains very sharp.  I use this for video as well as it is very flexible.

This battery works in the D750, D7000 and V1.  Lasts a long time.  I always have a few on hand.
Ball style mount that works well for smaller lenses. Light for hiking.
I use this tripod mostly for video.  It is pretty heavy and yet smaller than the Vanguard. Very stable and is compact.

I’ve added this battery powered microphone to the D7000 for video purposes. Much better sound than built in microphone.  The Deadbeat / windjammer helps to deaden the wind noise.

B-Roll, Landscape, additional cameras
Waterproof, GPS, shockproof and better than a normal point and shoot. I make sure to always have this with me even when carrying the larger cameras isn’t practical.

Good pancake sense for more wide angle shots and video.
Telephoto lens that lets me get to that medium range with the Nikon series 1 cameras
A little more flexibility than the pancake lens.  Crisp images.
This adapter allows me to attach my DX/FX lenses to the Nikon 1 series cameras.

Vlogging and B-Roll, action shots
Compact action camera for B-roll and action shots.  Battery life is low but image quality is acceptable.

Great for use as a tripod and for handholding the GoPro for vlogging.
I dont use this as often but allows me to give a point of view shot as well as for hands free purposes.

Best addition for GoPro.  Allows me to charge using battery pack or car adapter without having to charge in camera,

With the high battery usage of the GoPro this is a must have.  I have 4 batteries so I can charge 2 while having one in camera with a backup ready to step in.

Additional Gear

Fantastic for poor weather,  This “Camera condom” is great when shooting in a downpour to ensure the equipment doesn’t get damaged by rain or splashes.

I keep this in my backpack just in case.  Great for seeing where I am going when trekking to a location in the dark. Can be used for light painting.  The red LED works great for night photography as it will allow me to see with ought disrupting my shots.